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Company Overview

K A R D and its family of companies are operated on the premise of “providing superior security services at fair prices”. This basic ideal is fulfilled by the day-to-day involvement of senior management.

K A R D is a regional, privately-owned security company serving the Midwest for the past 28 years. Our valued Clients include corporate headquarters, distribution centers, residential buildings, gated communities, commercial properties, retail shopping centers and industrial facilities.

K A R D believes that as the highest quality security provider, we become your partner in the sharing of a single goal: protecting your property, personnel and information. As your partner, our primary focus is not to look for the most profitable way to solve a security problem – it is to identify the most effective resolution with the best cost-efficiency for our clients .

Mission Statement

Operating our business in accordance with the highest standards and ethical conduct and meeting our customers’ needs by providing value driven quality services through trained and knowledgeable personnel.

Our Pledge

At K A R D, we will provide your company with the finest quality services to achieve security requirements. We are committed to working in tandem with you to implement the highest security standards in your ever-changing environment.

K A R D offers a “money back guarantee” on all of its services.

YOU set the objectives, WE meet the challenge!