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Protective Services

At a time when risks to people, property, and information have never been higher, the selection of a quality security service has become more difficult than ever. There has never been a larger selection of security service providers. The selection of the right provider for your organization requires thoughtful consideration and understanding of your risks and needs.Protective Services

K A R D believes our employees assigned to your locations are our most important assets. When selecting our Officers, we continually strive to make the most appropriate fit between the applicant and each client’s specific security needs.

K A R D is extremely selective in its recruiting practices and those applicants who successfully complete our rigorous pre-employment screening process are of the highest caliber in the industry. Additional testing sessions and interviews are conducted to identify those candidates whose qualities, skills, and experience most precisely match the needs of the client.

From this group, Officers are carefully handpicked by K A R D management, based on their unique qualifications and level of maturity.